To provide an opportunity to develop strong lacrosse skills and to promote the values of sportsmanship and pure athletic enjoyment.

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2016 ReLax Social

2016 Lacrosse Social

April 24, 2016

The Mooring from 4-7pm

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Some good news, our uniforms are in and can be picked up at MacWear in Madison on Wall Street. While you are there, pick up all the equipment you may need this season like a new set of gloves or a mouth guard.

For a list of all equipment needed, there is a link on the website at  There is also a link to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).


The website will be used by each coach to communicate with their respective players and parents. There are many tools on the website and a tutorial in the help section for those of you looking to improve you navigating skills.  You will soon start to get automatic notifications from the website to help manage your season.

Our Sponsor

We have sponsor this year. Hedgeye (you will see the name on the bottom of the back of each uniform). A little background on Hedgeye:

Hedgeye are pioneers in the independent investment research business, a new sector that’s still greatly misunderstood. Hedgeye was started with nothing more than an idea and a laptop back in 2008. Today, Hedgeye continues to lead by breaking ground in new markets: first, they established themselves as the must-have source for research for the top money managers in the industry. At the same time, they launched that same research out into the public market, making their investment ideas available to individual investors and smaller professional firms at the same time that it is sent to the largest firms in the financial marketplace.

Hedgeye was founded on the principles of Transparency, Accountability, and Trust – three things that were hard to come on Wall Street. Hedgeye is the home of the very best in uncompromised, unconflicted investment research.

So please, if anyone asks, lets support our first sponsor of GYLA and let people know who they are and what they represent. If you have any additional questions about Hedgeye please contact Steve Cortese .

Fair Play

The GYLA is a developmental league. Winning is not the goal, it is about having each player learn the game of lacrosse and have fun in the process. If the player is not learning or if the player is not having fun, a change will need to be made. These issues do not constitute the need for a disciplinary action, but if the league is aware of the situation there are several things that can be done to rectify the situation. Being a development league does not mean we are not competing. All players at the younger levels are given the opportunity to play equally in any given game. As the players get older, more discretion is given to the coach as to a player’s field time based upon Attitude, Attendance and Ability. Coaches are instructed not to blowout another team. They are instructed to keep it competitive by challenging the players. For example, if a team is up by 6 goals at half the coach should be switching players to expose them to different positions or instructing the players to complete a set number of passes prior to shooting or only to shoot with their opposite hand.


If any player or parent has an issue with the GYLA, the coaching, or other players/parents the first point of contact is the player’s coach. If there is an issue with addressing the coach, the next point of contact is the boys or girls coordinator. If there is a need for an investigation the discipline committee is notified to begin a more formal process. If the issue cannot get resolved at the level of the Disciplinary Committee it can be brought to the full board. If any of the persons involved in the allegations will be excused from the committee or board and be replaced by an unbiased representative if needed.

Having Fun

As a youth organization, it is imperative that the players engage and have fun. If they do not believe they are having fun, then they will not continue with the sport. There will be challenging times, a tough loss, a difficult skill that is hard to master, or a long few minutes in the penalty box.  These are all part of playing sports, but it has been proven that being part of a team, with all of its challenges, prepares the player for real life challenges ahead.

Please also be cognizant that our coaches are at minimum imperfect. But they are volunteers and doing the best they can to teach the player about the sport and sportsmanship.


Have fun, play hard, respect the referees, your teammates, your coaches and of course your parents.

Good Luck and Have a Great Season!

John Ireland

Please contact me if you have any questions or comments (or spelling errors J)

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ReLax Social Update
ReLax Social Update   Dear Lacrosse Families, WE NEED...
Just a Reminder. Party this weekend.
4 days until...   The Guilford Lacrosse Spring Social!!!   The...
ReLax Social Update

ReLax Social Update


Dear Lacrosse Families,


The Lacrosse Social is the single biggest fundraiser for all of Guilford Lacrosse.  Each year the hosting responsibilities shift between the Boys and Girls High School teams and the Youth Teams.  This year, the GHS Boys are hosting the event at The Mooring.  Profits are split between the hosts and the other teams and the money raised goes toward:


This year our Social is Sunday 4-24-16 (yes, THIS SUNDAY) at The Mooring from 4-7:00.  It’s supposed to be a beautiful day so please join us and enjoy the deck and the water views.  It’s a great opportunity to meet other parents on your kid’s teams as well as the coaches.  Even if you cannot come the whole time, please buy tickets to support our teams.  No sitter?  No problem – bring the kids of you want!  There will be discounted drinks, raffle items and FREE APPETIZERS!!  

We hope to see you there!

The Netminders (GHS Boys Booster Club)

by posted 04/21/2016
Just a Reminder. Party this weekend.

days until...


The Guilford Lacrosse Spring Social!!!


The Guilford Mooring

Sunday, April 24

4:00 - 7:00 pm


Tickets are selling fast......Don't wait!


Buy your tickets today at 

by posted 04/20/2016
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