To provide an opportunity to develop strong lacrosse skills and to promote the values of sportsmanship and pure athletic enjoyment.

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MacWear Appreciation
MacWear Appreciation Weekend this Weekend Lots of Savings and...
Reminders Get out and Vote There are only a few hours left...
Uniforms Every year we always have questions regarding uniforms....
MacWear Appreciation

MacWear Appreciation Weekend this Weekend

Lots of Savings and Discounts

See them at the ReLax Social as well

by posted 04/23/2015


Get out and Vote

There are only a few hours left for you to vote on our Town and Education budget. Voting shows that we value the democratic process. If you do not vote you cannot complain about the outcome. Look to the town website for your voting location. 

ReLax Social

We have just over 4 days before the Social begins. There will be door prizes, raffles and a silent auction; entertainment, food and lacrosse stories. Get your tickets early. Bring friends and relatives, but not kids (sorry kids). This is the parents time to ReLax and enjoy the evening. We will be open until 11pm for those of you attending the Boys HS game (which should end at 9). And remember this benefits all of the lacrosse programs in town from K-12.

Go Guilford!

by posted 04/21/2015


Every year we always have questions regarding uniforms. I hope I can answer some of them here.

Since many players register later in the process (registration usually opens in December and is to be completed by the end of February), we are always in a bind for getting uniforms on time. This is especially true for the younger players who end up registering only weeks before the season starts (we even have some registering last week). We do not want to stop anyone from trying/playing lacrosse. We do have some limits in the older age group, but not at the younger ones.

I wish we had a crystal ball to tell us exactly how many kids were registering for which team, what their sizes were and what number the wished to have. And wouldn't it be great if each kid wanted a unique number? Well the fact is we do not know much of this until right before the season and even then we cannot make everyone happy. I am not sure why having the right number makes much of a difference. We are here to make sure each player learns the game, enjoys the season and has a great experience. 

Last year we ordered a new type of uniform that takes a bit longer to manufacture. We solved that problem by having a first come first serve on numbers, however this only works for the first year, after that you need to manage the numbers of each team. We have been trying to do this but it is not easy and we are fortunate enough to have a supplier in town to help us (they did not provide the uniforms last year and are therefore not responsible for number or size issues, so a bit of a break is in order). 

The other challenge is to make sure that there are not two of the same numbers on the same team. This is difficult since each year a player maybe on a different team than the year before and the numbers may be in conflict with a player a year older. And what do you do with the players whose has been in the league for years with the same number and it conflicts with another player on the team? Something has to give. 

To get to the point, we are trying our best to get uniforms to players in time for their first game (we ordered extra this year and have already run out due to players not ordering early enough), so please give us and our vendor some slack. We are doing the best we can and are always looking to improve. In case anyone is wondering, there is a position in our league for a volunteer to manage uniforms. It has not been filled in years. Anyone interested? 

With this said, there is another expected shipment of uniforms coming in tomorrow. Please call Zuse at (203) 458-3295 to confirm it has arrived before taking the time to visit. 

Unfortunately, we can make no promises if you did not register or order your uniform Prior to March 1.

Good Luck this week to all players and coaches as the season begins (fields are finally open).

Coach Ireland
President GYLA

by posted 04/16/2015
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