To provide an opportunity to develop strong lacrosse skills and to promote the values of sportsmanship and pure athletic enjoyment.

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Season Recap

Season Recap

This note has been a while in coming.  The lacrosse season ended a little over a month ago with the final CONNY tournaments and the All-Star games.  All in all, it appears to have been a successful season. As a volunteer organization we try to do our best in making everyone’s experience a good one.  We are not perfect by any means, but we do try.

I think the End of Year picnic went well and can be considered a success.  I hope everyone liked their 2016 season gift. Please take the time to thank Marybeth Clarke for all of the time she spent organizing the event.

I also want to thank the Board for putting in the time and effort this year to make the season run smoothly.  Our actual season is not very long compared to other sports, so a lot of work needs to go in during the off season to make sure the season itself is a success.

Just a reminder of who compromises you Board, so if you see them around town you can thank them.

President – John Ireland
Vice President – Eric Tibere
Treasurer – Mike Song
Secretary – Bob Swan
Ombudsman – Paul Farren

All of the positions above are elected by those who attend at least 6 of the monthly meetings during the year.  The volunteers below are appointed by the Board in accordance with our ByLaws.

Boys Coordinator – Peter Dacey
Girls Coordinator – Steve Victor
Equipment Manager – Chris Wrynn
Communications Manager – Kathy Gambardella
Webmaster – Carlos Pena
Boys Scheduler – Fittzy
Girls Scheduler – Wendy Epke
Tournament Manager – Ken Alberti
Fields Manager – Mike Burell

Please take a moment and say thanks to these dedicated volunteers.

In order to determine how we are doing and to give our members (parents, players, and referees) an opportunity to provide feedback, we are in the process of developing a survey.  All I ask is that when you receive it that you fill it out as honestly as you can with as much detail as you can.  We are planning to make it anonymous to obtain unbiased feedback.  I cannot promise that next year will be perfect and all ills will be cured, but we will try our best to make changes for the good of the organization.

Finally, at our next meeting on July 27th at 7:30 pm at the Community Center, we will be accepting nominations for all of the Board positions.  We will also be accepting applications (really just your name works) for any of the appointed positions.  It is preferred that you attend the next meeting, but with the summer schedules we see how that might be difficult, so if you let us know by email that would be great. 

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer and keeping a stick in one hand as you travel. 


All the Best,

John Ireland

President GYLA

by posted 07/21/2016

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